Is PadYatra allowed in AMC Schools? An Open Letter to AMC Commissioner

Respected Sir,
It has been seen today a political leader of the MIM Party Dr. Gaffar Quadri who fought election in the year 2014 for MLA East has been visiting AMC Schools unofficially and inspecting the teachers and students in the name of Padyatra.

A teacher named Dr. Shaheen Fatema, Ph.D Assistant Teacher, AMC School no.1, Jaswantpura have been not only interviewed by Dr. Quadri but also he made remarks about the teacher infront of the whole staff and other teachers present in the school.

Despite she spoke softly and gave them correct answers. Dr. Quadri spoke rudely with the Dr. Shaheen Fatema.

Sir, I wanted to know Is he eligible to make remarks on the teachers and question their abilities? Is it necessary for the political leaders to visit schools for the Padyatra? Who has given him the permission to visit AMC Schools and ask for the phone numbers and addresses of the teachers?

The news of the Padyatra has been published in Aurangabad times daily urdu newspaper dated 20-2-2019, Page no.3.
The advertisement of the news is given by Rafik khan who is not a corporator but it’s her wife who has elected as corporator. But he himself published the advertisement as a corporator for the ward no.58, Bari Colony. As you can see below in the news cutting.

These people wasted the time of the teachers and students and it’s my request to you that the AMC should take strict actions against these people.

Shaikh Noman Ahmed.

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